Humour at work!

The Feel Good Manager is our best friend!

Some job descriptions you have to read twice, the Feel Good Manager is one of them!


Laughter is the best medicine

Argentina makes laughing a law!

Argentina obligated all hospitals in Buenos Aires to employ cliniclowns!


Laughter as a protest against terror

Organized laughter meetings as an escape from the cruel reality in Syria!

Khaled Khalifa wins Literature Medal

“Laughter helps to overcome anxiety and to carry on. It is a tool to help us continue living.”


It's official: Food makes us happy!

A dream comes true: food, that makes us happy

On my journey looking for the secret of luck and laughter I encountered the secret of mood food!


Laura Chaplin: Today I am in the New York Times!

Laura Chaplin in the NYT

Laura Chaplin on Angela Merkel's decision to allow the prosecution of Jan Böhmermann