Change Manager at Germany's oldest Clown Academy

On her journey looking for the secret of laughter and humour Laura Chaplin visited Germany's oldest Clown academy


Persecution of cartoonists, journalists and cabaret artists!

Will Erdogan stop laughter as well?

After the coup attempt, journalists and cartoonists have been struggling in Turkey.


Bad Times for Satire

Cartoonist Gado got sacked

Gado, one of the most famous cartoonists in Africa and this year's International Cartoonist prize winner, 
was sacked after a long-term colloboration with Kenya's media house "Nation Media Group".


Humour for election

Vote for Smile!

Humor is resistance and the weapon of self-preservation! 


The church of humour!

Michael Berger at the church of humour

In the christian middle ages laughter was feared by the church, today Michael Berger runs the first "church of Humour" in Germany.