Humour for election

Vote for Smile!

Humour is resistance and the weapon of self-preservation!
That is probably why many politicians and dictators can't handle satirical jokes and puns.
Laughter means overcoming fear, which itself is one of the main dictatorial powers.

In some countries, comedians and cartoonists are even today being punished for their sense of humour!
Some brilliant heads, including the Polish cartoonist Szczepan Sadurski, formed their own humour and laughter parties as a sign of protest!

Sadurski founded his "Good Humour Party (Partia Dobrego humoru) in 2001 in Warsaw. It already counts more than 4000 members.
The membership fee is three smile and must be paid daily. 
The party's slogan is: "Politicians NO! Humour YES!"
Laughter and humour cannot longer be oppressed by dictators, therefore we demand "Laughter is a human right!"

Support us and sign our petition on AVAAZ!

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