Persecution of cartoonists, journalists and cabaret artists!

Will Erdogan stop laughter as well?

After the coup attempt, journalists and cartoonists have been struggling in Turkey, but they won't bounce back.

For now Turkish president Erdogan has not imprisoned all critical journalists in Turkey- it's still legal to laugh.

There are even satirical newspapers as "LeMan", "Penguen" and "Uykusuz", which dare to mock the president.

Police raids are pretty common these days, which forces the journalists to work from home or coffee houses, since an office would be too dangerous.

Topics such as religion or stories about the president are not welcomed by Erdogan. Satires on religious subjects are treated as blasphemy and can lead to imprisonment.

Due to the strict punishments, the newspapers are cautious: Insults are taboo, the authors are unknown and sensitive articles are checked by lawyers.

"The best case scenario: You only lose your job!", says the founder of the satire platform "Zaytung".

Erdogan's policy supresses a number of human rights, including the freedom of speech.

Satire is one of the pillars of journalism!

The opinion of the individual must not be restricted by dictators!
Laughter and the right to laugh must therefore be finally enshrined as a humand right!

Support our peition "Laughter is a human right" to the UN!


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