Laura Chaplin joins "courage hour"- project with Tamala Clowns

The project is supported by Singen's major Ute Seifried

Laura Chaplin and the Charlie Smile organization support the Tamala Clown's "The Courage Hour" project, which promotes the communication skills of speech-impaired children.

Twice a month, the Clowns Pipilotta and Citronella from Tamala Clown School visit the kindergarten specialized on speech and language in Singen. With the help of humor they encourage children to find their way back to their speech.

The project is important to Laura Chaplin's: "I would like to improve the future of these children using joy and laughter".

And it works:

"The children see the clowns as their friends, build trust and open up," says Udo Berenbrinker, the founder of the Tamala Clowns   

The courage hour shows: humor, laughter and joy have a healing effect!



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