Change Manager at Germany's oldest Clown Academy

On her journey looking for the secret of laughter and humour Laura Chaplin visited the Tamala Clown Academy in Constance.

Founded in 1983 by Jenny Karpawitz and Udo Berenbrinker, the Tamala Clown Academy is  the first of its kind in Germany.

After appearing on streets and theatres all over Europe, the Clown Couple decided to open a school for Clowns in Germany, since there were no official educational institutions for clowns at that time.

Their programme ranges from basic studies to Health Clown programmes.  

In order to unite humour with everyday life, the Tamala Academy also offers trainings for companies. Introduced to companies it is often used for Change Managers. 

Change managers are the companies' opend-minded thinkers, who open doors to new perspectives. Together with the rest of the staff they try to come up with new solutions for old problems by using humour and playful strategies.

Next to Feel Good Managers, the profession of a Change Manager finds its origin in humour.

Sometimes it is just easier to use humour instead of static strategies!


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