Bad Times for Satire

Cartoonist Gado got sacked

Gado, one of the most famous cartoonists in Africa and this year’s International Cartoonist prize winner, was sacked after a long-term collaboration with Kenya’s media house Nation Media Group.

For 23 years the Kenyan newspaper “The Daily Nation” benefitted from his petite illustrations.  With his observations of everyday politics, captured in small cartoons, Gado provided the nation with topics for discussion.

There is no justified reason for his removal from his position! However, for the cartoonist it is clear: The newspaper acted under the government’s pressure. Legal measures increased during Gado’s last days as a cartoonist for the Daily Nation.

Previously the government’s critic was mostly fended by the newspaper, but since the transition of power, the newspaper seemed to have lost its voice, says Gado. 

The increasing pressure from the government leads once more to a gradual censorship in Kenya. A critical analysis  of political issues and the right to make others laugh is being punished! Kenya is just one of many countries which approaches the freedom of expression with oppression.

Not many weeks ago we could experience censorship in the case of Jan Böhmermann in Europe! These cases make it necessary to recognize laughter as a human right.

Therefore we demand laughter to be recognized as a human right and to intervene wherever the right to laugh is threatened. Let’s make the world a happier place and support our petition "Laughter is a human right" to the UN with your signature on AVAAZ!

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