Charlie Smile - The Good Mood Movement

„A day without a smile is a day wasted“
was not only Charlie Chaplins personal  life motto, but was - and still is - also his most famous quote.
CHARLIE SMILE - The Good Mood Movement, founded by Charlies granddaughter Laura Chaplin und her friends, has set itself to spread good humor and to remind people all over the planet of the importance of laughter and the importance of giving a smile to people as often as possible!
Benefit from your own laughter and make Your fellows happier!
Charlie Smile The Good Mood Movement provides especially for You on our Website, Facebook and Instagram 999 Tips how to benefit from Your own laughter on a daily basis and all at once make other people happy! 
Save the children's imagination and creativity!
CHARLIE SMILE and Laura Chaplin have founded the CHARLIE SMILE KIDS CLUB, with the aim of preserving the children's inventiveness and their playful way of life through providing creative classes all around the world!
Laura Chaplin personally runs this classes, being support by famous friends and artists.
Become a Charlie Smile Ambassador and support Lauras activities!