Charlie Smile an organisation founded by Charlie Chaplin’s granddaughter: Laura Chaplin. Its aim is to promote laughter and humour worldwide and to intervene when laughter and humour are threatened.

The goals of Charlie Smile were first summarized in Laura Chaplin’s Humour and Laughter Manifesto in 2016.

CHARLIE SMILE sees itself as the guardian of laughter and humour and defends both when they are threatened by self-proclaimed authorities. 

CHARLIE SMILE defends all people who are persecuted for bringing laughter into other people’s lives.

CHARLIE SMILE launches campaigns to bring back more laughter and humour into people’s everyday lives: at work, at school and everywhere.

Charlie Smile Petition to the UN

“The right to laugh and to make other laugh” shall be received by UN resolution as an addition to Article 19, the freedom of expression, in the universal declaration of human rights.